The Six Best Beaches In Thailand

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When it comes to exotic and thrilling places to travel to, the nation of Thailand has got to be at or near the top of the list.  For most travelers, Thailand is a bit off the beaten path, but in reality it has been catering to tourists for centuries.  There are a great many attractions in Thailand that people love to see again and again.  The mountain regions are popular with adventurous travelers, the cities are popular with those wanting to focus on shopping or socializing, and smaller communities sprinkled throughout the country are a favorite of those who like to get away and relax while still experiencing a great culture.  Thailand is becoming more and more famous in recent years for another feature that travelers are seeking out, it’s beaches.

The beaches of Thailand are simply amazing.  They offer the vacationer a true exotic experience where they feel like they have escaped to a far off and intriguing coastal area, because that is exactly what they have done.  Thailand has a number of different beach areas, each one featuring things about it that make it unique.  From popular beaches near cities or resorts to remote and secluded beaches that feature a tranquil atmosphere and few tourists, Thailand really does have it all.  Once the decision to vacation there has been made, it really is just a matter of deciding what type of beach vacation a traveler is looking for.

Here is a look at the six best beaches in all of Thailand.

Maya Bay

One of the most popular beaches in all of Thailand is Maya Bay.  This small beach attracts some huge crowds, but it is still worth a visit thanks to what is widely regarded as some of the best scenery in the entire country.  The Maya Bay Beach is located on a small island and is only accessible via boat or passenger ferry.  One visit is all it takes for the traveler to see why this is such a highly thought of attraction.

Lamai Beach

For the traveler looking for an unforgettable beach experience during their visit to Thailand, a trip out to Lamai Beach in Samui is a must.  Lamai Beach offers something for everyone, that is something people say quite often, but in this case it is true.  The sandy areas are long and expansive with plenty of room for everyone.  The water is inviting and easy to access.  When the sun goes down, Lamai Beach isn’t done being a great place to be as the surrounding restaurants and bars come to life and there is a very fun and exciting party scene that develops.

Patong Beach

Patong Beach is not only one of the most beautiful and popular beach in the nation of Thailand, it is the largest beach on the popular island of Phuket.  The soft white sand is a great place to relax, but Patong Beach is also popular with those that want to get active near or on the water.  Some of the many great activities that travelers can participate in during a visit to Patong Beach include jet skiing, kayaking, surfing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, and more.  If a traveler does decide they need a break from the sun, surf, and sand, there are more options for things to do very near to the beach.  The surrounding area offers some of the most exciting restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and dance clubs in the entire country.  Boredom is something that no one can complain about when they take a trip to Patong Beach.

Haad Rin

Thailand has a number of beaches that offer quiet and relaxing experiences.  Haad Rin, located in Ko Pha Ngan, is not one of those beaches.  This is one of the most popular party spots in the country, for both locals and travelers.  All month long, during most parts of the year, there are some exceptional entertainment, eating, and socializing opportunities.  One of the things Haad Rin is known for though is the monthly Full Moon Party that happens there where round the clock drinking, dancing, and socializing takes place.

Railey Beach

Located in Krabi, when a traveler visits Railey Beach they feel like they are visiting a remote and secluded paradise.  The beach is located on the mainland, but it is only accessible by boat.  This helps to make Railey Beach a little less crowded and a lot more satisfying.  It is possible for tourists to come to Railey Beach and find a little section of coastline that is all their own.  Though it is most often used as a location for relaxing and experiencing the life of leisure on a Southeast Asian beach, there are some activities that can be done there including rock climbing, diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

Hua Hin Beach

Located in Hua Hin and sitting right on the Gulf of Siam is Hua Hin Beach.  This is a favorite beach for locals and offers a number of popular features that are especially appealing to families with children.  The beach here has a gentle slope to it and this continues in the water as well.  This makes for low gentle waves and a great many shallow areas where children can easily experience the fun of the beach as well.  For travelers visiting or staying in Bangkok, Hua Hin Beach is conveniently located and very easy to get to.  It is a great option for things to do for anyone wanting to escape the city.

Thailand is a very popular tourist destination, and getting more and more popular each year. For Thailand adventures trips at a discount, get online coupons for travel from sites like orbitz or expedia. Couponloco offers some of these coupons to be entered at checkout.   The number one reason for this is that it really does offer something for everyone.  This is true of its cities, mountains, jungles, religious and cultural attractions, and even its beaches.  The country offers a wide array of different types of beaches, and whether a vacationer is looking for a secluded area where the jungle creeps right down to the sand or a vibrant beach near a popular city or resort, Thailand most likely has just what they need.  A beach vacation in Thailand could be just the thing to make any traveler feel like they finally have taken the vacation of their dreams.

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