Ten Things To See And Do In Tokyo Before You Die

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There are certain vacation destinations in the world that are truly special.  They offer something for everyone to do, regardless of their interests or background.  They may have great places to eat out at.  They may have a fine selection of historical locations and landmarks.  They might offer loads of different outdoor recreational opportunities.  They might even offer a culture that is entirely amazing and totally different from what the vacationer experiences back home.  One of these very special vacation destinations is the city of Tokyo.

A visit to Tokyo is a great idea for any type of traveler.  There is so much to see and do there including amusement parks, historical sites, shopping trips, cultural hot spots, landmarks, religious buildings, and activities.  When visiting Tokyo, the traveler needs to ready themselves for a completely different cultural experience than they are used to.  The city offers a fabulous time for almost every traveler that heads its way.  Here are ten of the things that any traveler heading to Tokyo must see or do at least once.

See Tokyo Dome City

tokyo-domeTokyo Dome City is an exciting location where people of all ages can have a great time.  There is fun shopping, live entertainment, great restaurants, games, and even amusement park rides.  This is also a good spot for some good old fashioned people watching.






Hit the Water

The city of Tokyo sits right on the water and it has always played an important role in its development and daily life.  Visitors can enjoy the water in a number of ways including ferry rides from one part of the city to another and boat tours on the bay.  Boat rides can also be chartered on the Sumida River that flows through the area.  Adventurous travelers may instead want to venture further out into the ocean, possibly even as part of a deep sea fishing adventure.  Vacationers wanting a more personal or physically demanding way of seeing the water in the area can also head out in canoes or kayaks both along the coast and on the river.

A Disney Vacation?

Tokyo is home to the Tokyo Disney Resort complex which includes two different theme parks.  Tokyo Disneyland allows both children and adults to experience the best in modern amusement parks.  There are rides, games, food, drinks, live entertainment, and more to enjoy there.  Tokyo DisneySea is also a great place to go and offers many of the same things, but is more geared towards the ocean and marine life.  These two amusement parks are the world’s most visited and second most visited in the entire world.

Get Out and Go Shopping

Tokyo has been known for many years as a great place to go shopping.  The city is filled with a number of different shopping venues and types of shopping experiences.  There are upscale shopping boutiques and stores where some of the finer things can be found, discount and economy stores where bargains can be purchased, and locally owned shops where locally made goods can be bought.  There are a variety of things made and sold in Tokyo that cannot be purchased elsewhere.  A smart shopper visiting this city can come away with some great bargains and interesting finds.

Visit the Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is spectacular to see up close and person.  This historic building offers amazing architecture and is a wonderful look at Japanese culture and history.  For those that want to enjoy great examples of Japanese landscaping and gardening, a stroll through the East Garden at the Imperial Palace is an absolute must.  This is a very picturesque attraction with tons of great opportunities for photo taking.

Walk Around the Tsukiji Market

Another great experience to have in Tokyo is to go shopping at one of the many open marketplaces.  This is not only a great way to find either a bargain or a hard to find item, but it is also a great way to get an interesting look at Japanese culture and daily life.  The Tsukiji Market is one of the best places to check out with a fine selection of almost anything anyone would want to purchase.  This retail venue that is part street fair and part flea market carries handmade goods, imported items, produce and meat, and even prepared foods to enjoy as you walk through the area.

Tour the City

Tokyo is the largest city in Japan, and one of the most populated in the entire world, and there is no better way to experience it than by taking a tour of it.  There are a number of different types of tours available.  Visitors can tour the city by foot, car, bus, and bicycle.  This is not only a great way to see all the spectacular and important sights there, but it also gives the vacationer a nice feel for the city and a good understanding of how its layout.  Touring Tokyo is also a very fun thing to do too.

Venture Out To The Odaiba District

The Odaiba District of Tokyo is home to a fantastic amount of things to occupy, entertain, and excite tourists.  There is great shopping, excellent food, and a lively nightlife available there.  It is also home to what was once the largest Ferris Wheel in the entire world.  The Yurikamome is an elevated train that operates in Tokyo, and taking it across the bay bridge is a great way to not only access the Odaiba District, but also to get some amazing views.

Check Out Ueno Park

Ueono Park is a favorite of tourists and locals in Tokyo.  There is plenty of room to walk around and plenty to look at too including some fine sculptures.  Other major attractions in the park include the National Museum of Western Art, the Tokyo National Museum, and the very popular Ueno Zoo.  For visitors who come during the right time of year, this is another great place to see Japan’s lovely cherry blossoms.

Get Lost In Old Tokyo

Old Tokyo is a historic district that features many of the cities important landmark buildings and structures.  Walking through portions of Old Tokyo is like walking through a Japanese history book.  Some of the many great things to see there include the Edo-Tokyo Museum, a great many temples including the temple of Asakusa, Koto, and the last original Tokyo tram line.

While there are hundreds of excellent vacation destinations in the world, very few of them can stand up to what Tokyo has to offer.  Experienced travelers know what they are looking for and what they want are truly unique destinations that overwhelm them with incredible things to do, see, and experience.  Tokyo is just that sort of a destination and can please and satisfy any type of traveler that heads its way.  A visit to Tokyo is a great idea and the ten things listed above is a great start to a fantastic vacation experience.

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