Getting Ready For Your Vacation To Thailand

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While there are literally thousands of incredible vacation destinations to choose from in the world, few of them can match up to the incredible experiences that can be found on a visit to Thailand. Thailand offers a well rounded vacation experience, one that brings with it great cultural experiences, fun times in vibrant and exciting cities, and opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and all the recreational opportunities available there too. A visit to Thailand really can be a dream vacation for nearly anyone willing to give it a try.

Thailand has an interesting and long history that dates back to long before the first European travelers came to this interesting place. One of the most fun and interesting things to do while visiting there is to explore the culturally and historically significant landmarks and sites so that you can see first hand their beauty and the important roles these places still play in today’s Thailand. When going to Thailand, there are a few things you should know and be prepared for. The climate there is very different from most western lands and having a little knowledge about the culture and traditions can come in handy too. Thailand is a gorgeous land, and when you are properly prepared for a visit to it, you will enjoy it that much more.  To get a discount to Thailand use a website like

What To Pack For Your Vacation To Thailand:

Packing for a trip to Thailand is similar to packing for a vacation anywhere else. There are certain things that every traveler will need to have with them. There may also be items that you specifically will need, though others may not. Be sure to get your prescriptions filled ahead of time and bring enough to last your entire trip. It is often hard to purchase needed medications while outside of the country. Plan on wearing as much cotton clothing as possible as Thailand can be hot and humid at times, and you will appreciate clothing that can breathe. Pack both shorts and long pants, tee shirts, and one outfit that can work for times when nicer attire is required or wanted. You will most likely be doing a lot of walking during your vacation to Thailand, so a good pair of comfortable walking shoes is a must. Digital cameras are the norm now and are a great way to save space while traveling. Though you can purchase replacement batteries fairly easily during your trip, you should still pack along some extra to get you started. An external storage device might be a good idea if you are planning on taking a good amount of photos. Other items you can pack along that may come in handy include baby wipes, sun block, sunglasses, band aids, and mosquito repellant. It is a good idea to make multiple copies of all of your identification and travel papers, just in case you need them or your originals become lost or stolen.

Do’s And Don’ts During Your Time In Thailand:

Thailand is a popular vacation destination for the international traveler looking to experience a location that is interesting, exciting, and very fun. You will be traveling to a new country with an unfamiliar culture and there may be some things to be aware of. While many nations allow or encourage residents to be critical or skeptical of leadership, Thais are quick to become offended if any disrespect is shown towards their royal family. Another area where great respect should be shown is the area of religion. The national religion of Thailand is Buddhism and it is important to respect both the religious sites that are visited as well as the monks and other religious people there. In fact, at the larger more popular holy temples, you may even be barred from entering should something as simple as your clothes be seen as inappropriate for the venue. Mini skirts, skimpy bathing suits, tiny tank tops, and very short shorts are fine at the resorts and tourist beaches, but if you plan on venturing out into other areas where you will interact with locals, it is probably best to cover up with longer shorts and a tee shirt at least. Images of Buddha are sacred in Thailand and should also be respected. You or your children should never climb on a statue of Buddha. It is also extremely offensive to sit on the floor in front of a Buddha image without having your legs crossed. Most Buddhist monks cannot accept gifts or anything else offered to them by a woman. Many are not allowed to even be touched by a woman, this is important to remember as doing so could cause the monk some great hardship in his life. When entering a Buddhist temple, visitors should always remember to remove their shoes.

Shaking hands is not a custom practiced much in Thailand. Instead, an appropriate greeting is called a “wai” and to perform it correctly you would place your hands together in front of your face and slightly bow in the other person’s direction. Thais regard a person’s head as the highest part of their body and the feet as the lowest. You should never pat or touch someone else’s head and never point at anything with your feet. Most people in Thailand are shy and reserved; the culture deems shouting and showing frustration through facial expressions to be disrespectful behavior. Likewise, public displays of affection can sometimes be offending to locals. Having a general respect for the people of Thailand, their customs, culture, religion, and leaders will go a long way in making your visit to this beautiful country something to be remembered for the rest of your life.

When To Go To Thailand:

Like anywhere else, there is usually a good and a not so good time to travel to Thailand. The winter months of November through February are usually the best times to visit Thailand as the weather is somewhat cooler and there is less rain. This isn’t to say don’t visit Thailand during the other eight months of the year though, as the country is enjoyable year round.

Where To Go In Thailand:

Thailand is a diverse and interesting country. The three distinct regions of Thailand are the northern region, the central and eastern region, and the western and peninsula region. Each has a wealth of things to see and experience, and a vacation that includes all of Thailand and not just one small portion or one city is highly recommended. Some of the interesting cities to see when vacationing in Thailand include Chiang Mai, Si Racha, Sattahip, Hat Yai, Pattani, Pattaya Beach, Nakhon Ratchasima, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and of course the capital city of Bangkok. Most of the must see attractions are located in or near the major cities of Thailand.

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Like most people going to Thailand, you will probably immediately be blown away by the incredible combination of fascinating culture, exotic scenery, friendly locals, and fun things to do and see. Thailand is one of the most beautiful and interesting vacation destinations in the entire world, and it would be a vacation that you would remember for the rest of your entire life. This is definitely a destination where you will need to bring your camera too, as the scenery there is like nothing you will see anywhere else in the world. When you know a little more what to expect when you get there, you will be better prepared to maximize the opportunities you have for making it an unforgettable vacation experience. A vacation in Thailand can truly be a life changing event.

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