Five Great Things To See And Do In Yokohama, Japan

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A vacation to Japan is a once in lifetime trip for most people.  There is an incredible amount of things to do, see, and experience in this fascinating country.  One of the more interesting cities to travel to is the city of Yokohama.  While there, a traveler will immediately notice the difference in language, cuisine, customs, and lifestyle.  While these differences may be unfamiliar at first, it doesn’t take long to realize that they also all add to the atmosphere and fantastic experiences that can be had in Yokohama and the rest of Japan.

The city of Yokohama sits on the shore of Tokyo Bay and is located to the south of the city of Tokyo.  The city has a long history of being a transportation hub and busy port city.  In recent years Yokohama has emerged as one of the focal point cities in Japan and home to a number of important cultural events, attractions, and structures.  A visitor coming to Yokohama today will be in awe of the atmosphere the city has made for itself.  There are a number of interesting things to do and see in and around Yokohama, here is a look at just five of them.

Kirin Factory Tour

A tour of the Kirin Factory in Yokohama is not only an informative and interesting thing to do, it is a great escape from the crowded and popular attractions that are listed in every guidebook.  The Kirin Factory manufactures beer and is home to many popular brands of beer in Japan.  The factory is open for tours and is a great way for visitors to get an idea of what goes in to the daily production of Japanese beer.  There is also a small specialty museum on the site which offers a number of displays and exhibits detailing a little more about the history of beer making in general, as well as things specific to the Kirin brand.  A great tour for nearly everyone, but especially interesting for those with a taste for beer.

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

One of the best places in all of Yokohama for a family with children to go is to the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise amusement park and aquarium.  Here children and adults will see and learn about the lives, struggles, hardships, and habits of several different kinds of underwater animals.  There are rows of interesting displays featuring both the normal and the rare species of marine life.  There are public feedings and demonstrations involving some of the larger animals.  The amusement park area is filled with rides and attractions that cater to both small children and their more adventurous older siblings.  Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is one of the few places in the world where a visitor can enjoy a thrilling roller coaster ride as well as a dolphin show in the same facility.  A one of a kind venue that just must be visited.

Landmark Tower

One of the more interesting things to do when visiting a new and interesting place is to travel somewhere high to get a better view of the city or surrounding area.  In Yokohama, the only way to travel higher than the Landmark Tower is by helicopter or airplane.  The Landmark Tower is the tallest building in all of Japan and offers a tremendous view from the observation platform near the top.  The viewing area encompasses the entire building, so travelers heading there should remember their binoculars and cameras.  When the sky is clear, it is possible to get a glimpse of the famous Mount Fuji from the railing of the Landmark Tower.  The building is also outfitted with what is called the world’s fastest elevator, which can be particularly exciting and fun for kids.  Other attractions that can be seen from the platform of the Landmark Tower include Mirato Mirai, the Bay Bridge, Red Brick Building, and Chinatown.  This is also one of the best ways for a visitor to Yokohama to get a feel for the layout of the city.

Yokohama Science Center

Another great place in Yokohama for parents with small children is the Yokohama Science Center.  The language barrier is not much of a problem here, as most of the signs are bilingual, as are most of the tour guides.  The science center is divided up into several different floors, each of them with their own particular theme.  It is an extremely hands on kind of place where children can dive right in and learn by doing instead of by listening.  In fact, most kids attending the Yokohama Science Center fail to ever realize that while they are having a great time, they are in fact learning as well.  It is easy to keep a child occupied for hours with all of the different features, exhibits, and displays.  A fun time can be had for almost any child of any age.

Ramen Museum

There is not a more quirky and interesting museum in the entire city of Yokohama than the Ramen Museum.  The entire history of the ramen noodle is told at the Ramen Museum and it is a very fascinating history indeed.  The museum portion of the attraction notes not only different time periods of ramen noodle existence, but also different methods for making the popular noodle.  Once a visitor has learned all that he feels he needs to know about the history of ramen noodles, they can ten proceed to the most fun part of the visit.  Different types of ramen noodles, representing the many different highly rated places in the world that make them, are all available for sampling down on the street level portion of the attraction.  A true ramen lover will be completely within their element here as they go from bowl to bowl tasting a wide variety of ramen noodles cooked in different ways and with different ingredients.  For ramen lovers and those who are not, the Ramen Museum is one of the more unique attractions to see in Yokohama.

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