Five Cities In Asia That Make Great Vacation Destinations

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There are a great many destinations around the world that offer the perfect experience for every traveler.  Each vacationer is different in what they want from the little section of the world they choose to spend their vacation in.  For the traveler looking to experience something exotic and unusual, there are few destinations that can match up to everything that is offered by Asia.  Whether looking at Japan, the North Asia coastline, the Southeast Asian mainland, or even the islands of Southeast Asia, there are incredible experiences and fun things to do all around.

Asia is a great destination for a vacation as it offers a number of experiences that cannot be had elsewhere.  Many of the areas a traveler will encounter are distinctly unique and exotic.  From historic religious sites to modern attractions, the cities of Asia offer a wide variety of things to do and see.  The cities of Asia also offer great shopping, wonderful accommodations, and fantastic eating establishments.  Here is a look at just five of the many great cities to travel to on a vacation to Asia.

Visit Tokyo

The city of Tokyo is one of the most important cities in Asia, and one of the most pleasing there to visit.  Tokyo offers a wide variety of experiences, many of them especially set up to cater to travelers from Western nations.  Tokyo also still offers a number of experiences that are distinctly Japanese.  Traveling to this gem of a destination definitely allows the vacationer to experience a unique culture in a big way.  One of the best things to do in Tokyo is to get out and go shopping.  The city has a number of upscale shopping districts, as well as shopping malls and small boutiques.  There are a number of other fun and interesting things to do and see in the city too including the Imperial Palace, Shinagawa, the Edo-Tokyo Museum, Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo Dome, tour the city, and watch a professional baseball game or other sporting event.  A visit to Tokyo can be an exciting and even thrilling time.

Travel to Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is a fascinating country that not only possesses an interesting history, but also an intriguing modern day world as well.  There is no better place to experience Malaysia than in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.  This city has a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere, despite the millions of people that call it home.  There are world class accommodations and great restaurants located throughout the city.  Kuala Lumpur also has a number of interesting attractions that travelers can easily check out, including Port Klang, Golden Triangle, Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Brickfields, Islamic Arts Museum, and the Petronas Twin Towers.  One of the must visit attractions in the city is KL Tower.  This tower has a viewing deck high above the city and great views can be had from there, it is also a nice place for panoramic photos of the Kuala Lumpur skyline.  The best experience that can be had in the city though is just wandering about it, discovering little known markets, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, shops, eateries, and street vendors.  When it comes to looking for a fun city to explore, Kuala Lumpur is near the top of the list.

Check out Macau

Macau is not so much a city, but a region of China.  This unique area was for a long time an overseas territory of Portugal, before being granted limited autonomy in 1999.  Today, it is an international destination for both business and pleasure travelers.  Some of the finest resorts and hotels in all of Asia have been built in recent years in Macau.  The area is also known as a gambling friendly destination and a number of recognizable casino names have built incredible resorts there including Sands, Wynn, and MGM Grand.  Macau is an exciting region filled with five star accommodations, restaurants, and casinos.  It also has a particularly exciting nightlife too.  There is more to it than that though as there are also a good many historical and cultural attractions as well.  Some of the must see attractions include Sao Paulo Cathedral, Taipa Village, Penha Church, Macau Tower, Fisherman’s Wharf, Coloane Village, and the Macau Dome.  Getting outdoors is also popular in Macau where hiking, swimming, bungee jumping, and cycling are popular activities to participate in.  There really is no place on Earth quite like Macau.

See Bangkok

For the traveler looking for a vacation destination that is distinctly Asian and offers a great opportunity to sink in and explore local culture, a visit to Bangkok, Thailand may be just the thing.  Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and also the country’s spiritual and cultural center too.  The city offers a wide variety of experiences including both urban attractions that are sure to please fans of the big city, and rural or outdoors attractions for those that want to get away from it all.  Bangkok also offers the best in shopping and eating, and there are a number of different places throughout the city that succeed in pleasing the shopping budget and palates of travelers from around the world.  Some of the specific things that should be seen on a vacation to Bangkok include the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Golden Mount, Suan Pakkad Palace, Museum of Siam, Santichaiprakarn Park, Queen Saovabha Snake Farm, and Siam Ocean World.  A trip to Bangkok could easily be the dream vacation for the right lucky traveler who chooses it as their vacation destination.

Hong Kong is Calling Hong Kong is another special region of China, this time one that was for hundreds of years a colony of Great Britain.  That British influence is still visible today in architecture, customs, foods, language, and business.  Hong Kong has a subtropical climate, but is usually very comfortable for most people.  With millions of people and miles of urban area, the city is known to most as primarily a metropolis.  The truth is though that the area surrounding Hong Kong is rich in natural resources and natural attractions.  There are beaches, forests, peaks, rock formations, and more, all within a fairly easy commute from the city.  Some of the many great things to see when visiting Hong Kong include Victoria Peak, the Peak Tram, Hong Kong Disneyland, Flastaff House Museum of Tea Ware, Kowloon Walled City Park, Ping Shan Heritage Trail, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Hong Kong Film Archive, Man Mo Temple, Che Kung Temple, Ocean Park, Fu Shin Street Traditional Bazaar, Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas, Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence, Lantau Island, and the Hong Kong Museum of History.  One of the best things to do in Hong Kong is hop on a bus or tram and explore the city and see what can be found there.  Hong Kong is a fascinating city that has so much to offer that a vacationer could visit it again and again and still feel like it is their first time in the city.

The cities of Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Macau, and Kuala Lumpur are amazing vacation destinations with an incredible amount of things to offer the lucky traveler who spends their valuable time there.  From religious sites, to historical attractions, to fabulous beach locations, to high mountains, and thick jungles, a visit to Asia can be almost anyone’s vacation of a lifetime.  There is no better place to use as a launching pad or base of operations during a vacation than one of these many great cities.  This offers the traveler the opportunity to both check out all the amazing things found in the city, and also the chance to be located very near to a number of popular attractions in the area surrounding them.  Asia is a great vacation destination, really perfect for almost anyone, and these five cities are places that just should not be missed.

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