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There are many travelers who when they think about the vacation of their dreams, think about a far off exotic locale that is incredibly different from their home country or region.  Taking this type of vacation is a great way to have the type of travel experience that will both be incredibly memorable and unique.  There is a certain joy that an experienced traveler gets from being on a vacation to a land where few people get a chance to go.  One of those types of destinations is the nation of Malaysia.

Malaysia has an interesting history that not only dates back to the time of its discovery by European travelers, but for centuries before that as well.  Much of this history is still viewable today in the form of ruins and centuries old buildings.  There is a wide array of architecture that can be seen in Malaysia, thanks in large part to the many different influences that have been held over the region.  Getting out and seeing the sights is a very enjoyable experience in Malaysia, and also surprisingly easy to do.  From outdoor recreation to historical attractions, and everything in between, Malaysia offers a vacation experience that is simply incredible.  Vacationers going there though should get an idea of what to expect so that they can truly enjoy everything there is about the country.

Go Golfing

Travelers who have never been there may not believe it, but Malaysia has a number of world class golf courses.  Golfers from around the world, but especially those from Asia, have begun to travel to Malaysia expressly for the golfing opportunities that are found there.  The courses are not only well manicured, the holes are not only challenging, the service is not only first class, but the thing that makes golfing in Malaysia something incredibly special is the amazing scenery that surrounds the golf courses there.  Spending time on the golf courses of Malaysia surrounded by the great sights that can be seen there is truly something special.


Malaysia, like most countries, has a number of local celebrations and festivals that can be seen and experienced across the entire country.  Whether it is a community celebration that pertains only to a region, town, or village; or if it is a national celebration that includes the entire country, some of the most fun times that can be experienced in Malaysia include those that come while participating in any of the many festivals and celebrations there.  One of the most unforgettable celebrations is the Sabah International Dragon Boat Festival.

Hit the Beach

Malaysia, being an island nation, is blessed with hundreds and hundreds of miles of coastline.  Many of the coastal areas offer some great beaches to visit.  There are popular beaches that are frequented by both tourists and locals alike.  There are also beaches that are more moderately visited where the chance to have a great time out on the sand and in the surf is a wonderful experience.  There are also lesser traveled to beaches that are somewhat secluded and even remote in nature.  The beaches of Malaysia offer both relaxation and recreation and can help make a vacation to the country the kind of trip that will be remembered forever.

Explore the Jungles

Malaysia is covered with dense jungles and tropical forests.  These are great to explore for anyone with an appreciation for outdoor recreation and the great outdoors.  For most people traveling to Malaysia, the experiences had in the jungles are unlike anything they can experience in their home countries.  Malaysia’s jungles can be explored as part of a hike, guided motorized tour, or as part of a inland resort stay.  There are also many wonderful attractions found in these areas including ancient ruins and religious sites as well as adventure experiences like jungle treks and wildlife parks.  Canopy walks that take visitors high up into the upper reaches of the towering trees by way of bridges and rope climbs offer a chance to experience the amazing jungle from high above the ground below.

Get in the Water

The water surrounding Malaysia is beautiful and inviting.  It can also be enjoyed in a great number of different ways.  Swimmers will love to take a cool break from the sun and sand by leaving the beach and entering the welcoming water.  Travelers who like to snorkel can also find plenty of great areas to go and things to experience.  Those looking for a one of a kind experience can explore far below the surface of the water by going diving and getting the chance to interact with some of the incredible marine life they will see.  Malaysia is blessed with a great deal of opportunities to get in and enjoy the water and it is a very smart idea for a traveler to do just that.

Play Sports

Many physical active travelers get great pleasure from playing or participating in a sport while on vacation.  There is no better way for this type of traveler to experience a new country than by participating in a sport that is specific to the culture they are visiting.  Malaysia is home to a number of sports that are played either only or mainly by its residents.  Some of the fun sports to try when visiting there include gasing, top spinning, wau kite flying, and sepak takraw.  Who knows, a visitor might even fall in love with one of these sports and bring it home for their friends and family to experience too.

Visit the Historical Sites

Malaysia has a fascinating history, both natural history dating back to the islands origin as well as interesting history involving the people who lived there long ago and the explorers that came there from other parts of the world.  Visitors can see ancient ruins, age old cathedrals, Malaysian longhouses, Dutch colonial buildings, and more.  Stepping back in time on a visit to Malaysia is very rewarding.

Get Out on the Water

One of the best sources of outdoor recreation in Malaysia is the very water that surrounds the many islands that make up the country.  Both the water and the scenic views of the mainland can be seen and enjoyed by those taking to the water as part of a boat tour or sailing adventure.  Deep sea fishing is something that many people cannot experience at home.  Finding qualified and knowledgeable fishing guides in Malaysia is fairly easy and very rewarding.  Ocean kayaking is another great way to enjoy the water of Malaysia.  Gliding across the water solo in a kayak is a very intimate way to take in the surroundings and enjoy some physical activity at the very same time.  With such a great amount of water to use as a natural resource, it is no wonder that getting out and experiencing it is one of the top things to do there.


For the traveler who adores beautiful sights and natural scenery, Malaysia has much to offer.  With high mountain peaks, dense tropical rain forests, long stretches of sand, rugged high cliffs, and beautiful water, travelers can be treated to stunning scenery regardless of what part of the country they travel to.  Scenic vistas abound in Malaysia and there is no shortage of places to go to get that epic view and unforgettable photograph.  From north to south and east to west, Malaysia is an extremely beautiful place to go.

Experience Malaysia’s Urban Areas

From the small coastal villages to the large cramped cities, the urban areas of Malaysia bring with them a number of interesting and first class experiences.  For those that appreciate Asian food cooked authentically, Malaysia is filled with great tasting cafes, restaurants, and food vendors.  Much of the country’s interesting history is preserved in the museums and galleries that can be found throughout the country.  Accommodations are easy to come by in Malaysia and every different type of overnight stay is available there.  Luxurious resorts, economical hotels, youth hostels, rental homes, condominiums, and more are all available in various areas around Malaysia.  The best way to experience the urban areas of Malaysia though, and to get a feel for what life in this country is really like, is to get out and check out what it is like in an open market or street fair.  Experiencing the urban areas of Malaysia is a great way to come away from a visit to the country with a new understanding of the people that live there.

Trying to figure out what exactly is the best part about a vacation to Malaysia is really a difficult thing to do.  The country offers amazing beaches, remote islands, tons of water recreation, high mountain peaks, inland recreation, great shopping, vibrant cities, and a healthy dose of local culture everywhere.  A visit to Malaysia really can be a dream vacation for the right traveler.  It definitely delivers on the promise of an exotic location with unique and interesting things to do and see.  The country of Malaysia is a vacation destination that most travelers will never consider, but it also is a destination that is more than equipped to handle the wants and desires of almost any traveler.

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